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Pawz 4 PADS dog soap is full of cleansing & conditioning oils along with a special blend of essential oils which are safe and helpful to dogs including Rosemary essential oil which promotes a healthy coat and also repels ticks and fleas. Rosemary is well known as a symbol of remembrance but it also symbolises love, friendship and loyalty which is particularly fitting for this dog soap bar.

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS) is a well-loved and widely respected charity for homeless dogs in Perthshire and £2.50 from every Pawz 4 PADS bar sold goes to help them continue to give unwanted dogs a second chance.

Lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo.



Pawz 4 PADS Charity Dog Soap

  • Goats Milk Base – kind to dry & sensitive skin

    Oatmeal – absorbs dirt & oil, relieves skin irritations

    Castor Oil – for more bubbles & a shiny coat

    Coconut Oil – super cleansing

    Lavender Essential Oil – soothing, healing & anti-bacterial

    Cedarwood Essential Oil – anti-fungal & anti-bacterial

    Rosemary Essential Oil – promotes a healthy coat, repels ticks & fleas

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