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Fight Clean soap gently, and effectively, removes any potential harmful bacteria without disturbing healthy skin flora. It's packed with a powerful anti-fungal essential oil blend to keep you in the game!


Juniper berry  – powerful antifungal agent which has been shown to be effective against yeasts, yeast-like fungi, and dermatophytes, a type of fungus that grows on your skin, causing diseases like ringworm.                


Pine Needle  – antifungal, anti-inflammatory. Combined with its ability to help control excessive perspiration, may help prevent fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot. It is also known to effectively protect minor abrasions, such as cuts, scrapes, and bites, from developing infections.


Cedarwood  – exhibits anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that enable it to treat irritated skin. It has a natural wound-healing quality, making it ideal for use on scrapes, cuts, and other abrasions. Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties also help to eliminate unpleasant odours, making it an effective deodorizer too.


Nettle Leaf - is a potent antifungal and it also has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties, it is renowned for its natural ability to calm irritation. Its rich histamine content along with; chlorophyll, oxyacetylene and iron make it a wonderful remedy for easing itchy skin.

Fight Clean Soap - Highlander

  • Especially made for combat athletes this soap bar is packed with essential oils specifically chosen for their anti-fungal properties. 

    Wrapped in compostable paper over plant based cellulose acetate.

    Avoid a soggy bottom by always keeping your soap bar on a dish or rack to dry!

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