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Because it can be especially difficult to keep white bits bright (and I was really shocked to discover that some dog whitening shampoos contain bleach!) I’ve added some special natural ingredients specifically to clean, condition and help keep those white bits gleaming without using harsh chemicals. 

Just like the other Smelleez 4 Pawz dog soaps, this bar has cleansing & conditioning oils and oatmeal to loosen dirt and condition skin along with a carefully selected blend essential oils which are safe & helpful to dogs.

Lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo.



All Bright Now!

  • Goats Milk Base – kind to dry & sensitive skins

    Oatmeal – absorbs dirt & oil, relieves skin irritations

    Sodium Bicarbonate – antifungal, soothes inflamed skin, reduces irritation & itching

    Kaolin Clay - gently removes dirt & neutralises odours

    Castor Oil – for more bubbles & a shiny coat

    Coconut Oil – super cleansing

    Spearmint Essential Oil – anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, calms itching

    Peppermint Essential Oil – anti-inflammatory

    Blueberry Powder – help stimulate hair growth

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