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Aromatherapy Sachets

Having discovered lots of people admitted to putting bars of my soap in their drawers, to keep them smelling sweet, I decided to create something especially for that purpose and incorporate the benefits of essential oils too.

Aromatherapy sachets are portable diffusers which can be placed almost anywhere and provide a beautiful fragrance with no need for flame, heat or liquid. Using only the highest quality ingredients combined with highly concentrated essential oil blends means that they can provide aromatherapy benefits too.

The sachet base is 100% natural and biodegradable. It consists of a highly absorbent natural mineral and plant mixture that holds a high concentration of essential oil which will gently diffuse over time. No plastic, no synthetic chemicals and no waste.

The packet, made from sustainable eucalyptus paper, is eco-friendly too. Traditional paper is made from wood pulp which involves felling trees. Global paper consumption has quadrupled in the last 50 years and is now at an unsustainable level. When a tree is cut down it takes 20 – 35 years to grow another one. Around 80,000 – 160,00 trees are cut down around the world every day and the WWF states that wood pulp for paper accounts for 13-15% of total wood consumption and uses 33-40% of all industrial wood traded globally. Harvesting eucalyptus wood is more sustainable than traditional wood because it grows back after being chopped down. Eucalyptus grows quicker and uses less water than other trees traditionally used in paper production.

Of course, Smelleez aromatherapy sachets are not just for drawers, there’s loads of other places that you can use them such as;

  • 👗 Hang one in your wardrobe or closet

  • 🧺 Pop one into your linen cupboard

  • 👟 Keep one with your shoes

  • 🛏️ Place one under your pillow

  • 🚗 Stash one under the seat of your car

  • 🎒Throw one into your gym bag

  • 💼 Pack one in your suit case

  • 🗑️ Hide one under the bin liner or in the under the sink cupboard

You can increase the fragrance emitted by giving the sachet a shake or placing it in the sun for a little while as heat makes the sachet diffuse fragrance faster.

Don’t open the sachet as this could result in a bit of a mess and the essential oils could cause discolouration or damage to some surfaces.

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