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  • Dog Paw Balm: What You Need to Know

    Dog paws act both as shock absorbers and brakes. They help protect the bones and joints in and around the foot, while also aiding stability when on slippery surfaces or steep slopes. Even though paw pads are made up of a thick layer of fatty tissue, they can still be susceptible to injury, cracking, and discomfort. It is easy to think that dogs' paws are very tough and with little feeling. However, they're actually quite sensitive. Cold weather, snow, ice and de-icer as well as hot pavements can all damage your dog’s paw pads. Walking on rough terrain can wear pads down causing cracks, abrasions and cuts. Although the occasional nibble of the paw is no reason for concern, any above average chewing or licking of the paws could be an indication that something is wrong. Paw balm is a great tool for general paw care as it can help protect your dog’s paw pads and has many benefits including; · Moisturising paw pads · Protecting paws form the elements, chemicals, ice, concrete & other rough surfaces · Treating minor blisters, cracks, cuts & allergic irritation on paws · Alleviating discomfort from dog paw hyperkeratosis ( also known as ‘hairy paw’) which is a health condition that causes paw pads (and noses) to thicken and crack. Ultimately the best approach to looking after your dog's paws is to take the time to check each paw frequently and thoroughly. Don’t just rely on being able to notice any irregularities with your dog's behaviour. Smellez 4 Pawz Paw Balms are cruelty-free, vegan friendly formulations which are packed with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties designed to soothe paws and other problem areas such as cracked/rough elbow skin. They are great at hydrating and moisturising due to all-natural ingredients such as; Coconut oil which is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for skin health. It is a natural anti-fungal, antibiotic, and antiseptic oil which can help protect wounds from infection. It can help protect paws from getting sore and irritated as it not only moisturizes but can act as a protective balm creating a barrier between your dog’s paws, and any irritants. Shea butter soothes, softens, and hydrates. It contains a unique substance known as cinnamic acid, which has natural antibacterial properties which can help ward off infection and speed up wound healing. Shea butter also contains naturally occurring vitamins A and E. The former is known to speed up the recovery and regeneration of the skin and the latter can help soothe irritation and speed recovery. Essential fatty acids keep the skin healthy, elastic, and better prepared to heal itself should the need arise. Olive wax is obtained from Olive Oil and has all of the same benefits of the natural essential fatty acids contained in olive oil. It acts as a protective barrier to the skin, softens, soothes and helps combat moisture loss, enhancing suppleness as well as helping the absorption of other ingredients. Nose & Toes is unscented which also makes it ideal for applying to sensitive, dry and crusty noses. It contains Sweet Almond oil which, as well as being full of vitamin E and vitamin A and fatty acids, also contains minerals which help reduce irritation, along with zinc which can help smooth rough and calloused skin. This makes it perfect for smoothing, softening, and locking in moisture for dry toes, nose, ears and anywhere else that's looking a little dry or flaky. Just 4 Pawz has been designed to help speed recovery of minor cuts and prevent infection as well as helping to calm allergies and sensitivity using all-natural ingredients including; Neem oil can help reduce itchiness associated with allergies, treat skin infections, fight fungal infections and soothe inflammation. It's thought to boost collagen production too. Carrot Seed oil is great for dry, sensitive skin which is prone to infection. It can rejuvenate and stimulate and improve elasticity of tissues. Palmarosa essential oil is rich in nutrients and penetrates deeply to nourish and lock in moisture. Lavender essential oil is probably the No 1 essential oil when it comes to healing skin conditions and cuts. With its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits, it soothes and calms and helps heal minor cuts and scrapes. (* Please don't use this balm on noses as it contains essential oils which could be overpowering to your dog's very sensitive sense of smell.) A balm will help keep your dog's paws in optimum condition and can be applied as often as necessary, especially before your dog goes outside in harsh weather or on rough terrain and/or after they come back inside. Of course, if your dog hates having their feet touched, you might want to start giving regular foot massages to get them used to you touching their feet and this will hopefully mean that the next time you need to apply a paw balm there isn't a fuss! Always seek veterinary advice and care if you are concerned or irritation continues.

  • Soap-based vs Soap-free Shampoo Bars

    If you're planning to make the switch to a solid shampoo bar, it's important to know that not all shampoo bars are the same (but I'll save you some time and just tell you that it's the soap-free bar that you want!) Each person’s hair is different, texture and thickness can vary dramatically and one bar won’t fit all which is why it took me such a long time to develop a range of shampoo bars! I thought sharing some of what I've learned along the way might help if you're thinking about making the switch to a solid shampoo bar. It's all about the pH! Our scalp is an acidic environment with a pH level between 4.5 - 5.5 and needs a pH-balanced product to maintain optimum pH levels. Soap-free shampoo bars are pH balanced and have pH levels between 4 – 6 (ideal for hair & scalp), while soap-based bars have a naturally high pH of 9-10. Hair strands are made up of many different layers. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair, that shields and protects the inner part of the strand from damage, but it wears away over time due to UV (sun), chemical (hair dye/products), heat (straightening/curling) and mechanical (brushing) damage, and once it’s gone, it cannot be repaired. The appearance and strength of our hair are determined by the condition of the cuticle, so we really want to take care of it! To maintain healthy hair and scalp we need our hair cuticles to lie flat. High pH product like soap, can leave the cuticles open which results in friction, tangling, and even damage over time as they rub against each other. Open cuticles also reduce shine and make the hair appear dull. Soap-free (pH balanced) bars have scalp-friendly pH which helps cuticles to lie flat resulting in healthy-looking and shiny hair. Beware of soap masquerading as shampoo - soap-based shampoo bars are technically soap! They tend to contain more nourishing oils and plant butters than hand & body soaps, but if you consider their chemistry, these bars are soap. Soap is made by the saponification process, when lye solution (sodium hydroxide + water) interacts with fatty acids such as oils and butters (or even lard!) and results in soap. So why is it so bad for your hair? Soap has a high pH which makes it alkaline and using an alkaline product on our acidic hair will change the chemistry of the hair and cause damage. Using soap to wash your hair will strip fatty acids from the hair cuticle, even removing the cuticle in some instances, and allowing water to enter the hair shaft which then causes friction, matting, tangles, and static, fly-away hair. It can also leave a residue that builds up on your hair, making it feel lank and matted. The typical advice if this happens is to use a cider apple vinegar rinse to make the hair look and feel better. The theory appears to be that the vinegar will return your hair to an acidic pH after using the alkaline soap and, although it might remove the waxy or soapy residue from the hair, it can’t replace the lost fatty acids or repair the damaged cuticle. Nothing in the chemical structure of vinegar that will help it bind to your hair, so it will just simply wash off. (Hope the smell does too!) Soap-free shampoo bars don't undergo a saponification process, therefore are truly soap-free. They are made using surfactants, conditioners, and hair-loving ingredients, such as nourishing oils, clays and botanicals. Surfactants are substances that help oil and water mix by binding with the oily, dirty stuff in your hair when you lather, and then bind with water when you rinse, washing away all the grime and leaving you with fresh, clean hair. This is how a liquid shampoo works and how I have chosen to make my solid shampoo bars. I know that word ‘surfactant’ can make some cringe, but not all surfactants are made equal. SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) although commonly found in commercial shampoos strips oil from the hair and is best to be avoided. If you would like to go completely sulphate-free, then you should also avoid: SLES (sodium laureth sulphate) and SCS (Sodium coco sulphate). I avoided all of these ingredients in my shampoo bars and chose instead the milder, coconut - derived Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate which is a biodegradable and a sustainable option. It creates a rich lather to gently lift away dirt and grime. It's sometimes referred to as 'baby foam' which makes it a great option for sensitive scalps too. Of course, there will be people who can quite happily use soap as shampoo, particularly those with fine hair which has fewer layers of cuticle, or short hair that is cut frequently. But for anyone who has never tried a solid shampoo, or perhaps had a miserable experience with a shampoo bar previously I hope this read has been helpful and that you might consider giving a soap-free shampoo bar a go.

  • Christmas Presents that Don't Cost the Earth

    If your idea of the perfect gift includes being kind to the environment, then you're in the right place. Of course everyone wants to find a perfect gift for Dad or Gran or even the beloved family dog but they don't want to contribute to all the unnecessary waste that occurs during the most wonderful time of the year. There’s been a definite emphasis on shopping small this year and also an awareness of environmental factors when buying gifts for others. People are less keen to purchase something that the recipient will use once, then throw away. Smelleez Christmas gifts are 100% zero waste - not one single piece of material from your purchase will have to go to landfill, and can instead be reused, recycled, repurposed or composted. Smelleez soaps are kind to both skin and the planet and a vegan friendly vegetable glycerin soap bar wrapped in compostable paper is the perfect size to fit into a Christmas stocking. Although we don't know exactly what Christmas 2020 will look like just yet, one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one to remember.

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  • Handmade soap | Smelleez

    HANDMADE SOAP FOR EVERYONE & THEIR DOG! JUST RELEASED Solid Shampoo Bars made with essential oils & mineral clays Quick View Hair-bar-licious Price £8.50 Quick View Care Bare Bar Out of stock Quick View Re:Balance Price £8.50 Quick View Grasp the Nettle! Price £8.50 GLYCERINE SOAP Glycerine soap is considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. Glycerine is a vegetable-derived humectant which attracts moisture from the air to your skin and keeps it locked in. Unlike some soaps that dry skin out and make it feel tight and even flaky, glycerine soap keeps skin feeling hydrated for several hours after you use it. With incredible fragrances and skin-softening ingredients like olive oil they’re effective, great for your skin, and great for the environment, too. Why not give them a try? Shop Now THE SMELLEEZ BLOG Dog Paw Balm: What You Need to Know Dog paws act both as shock absorbers and brakes. They help protect the bones and joints in and around the foot, while also aiding... Soap-based vs Soap-free Shampoo Bars If you're planning to make the switch to a solid shampoo bar, it's important to know that not all shampoo bars are the same (but I'll... Christmas Presents that Don't Cost the Earth If your idea of the perfect gift includes being kind to the environment, then you're in the right place. Of course everyone wants to find... Read More

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  • MY STORY | Smelleez

    Meet Amelia I first started crafting soap (at the age of seven) back in November 2017. Since then, I’ve gone on to create a range of amazing soaps catering for all tastes (and ages!). My soaps are handmade in small batches in rural Perthshire, Scotland. None of my products have been tested on animals - and never will be! Smelleez 4 Pawz I don’t just make soap for people, I have a range of solid shampoo bars especially for dogs! My dog soap is packed with lovely cleansing, nourishing oils to care for and nurture your dog’s skin and condition their coat. Oatmeal to loosen dirt and further condition skin along with a carefully selected blend essential oils which are safe & helpful to dogs

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